GR is committed to bringing the best selection of exceptionally grown, superior tasting and premium coffee beans to the UK. Our signature Blend is sourced from 3 different continents, farmed  at high altitudes for more spicier fruitful flavours.

For us, coffee quality is more than just the flavour in the cup; environmental and social sustainability stand at the heart of everything we do.

We are dedicated to reducing our negative impact on the earth and supporting the communities that took part in the production process. Our coffees are ethically traded and sourced from individual farms or small cooperatives.



Our roasting philosophy is centered around a need to forever improve, to relentlessly work towards the most enjoyable representation of a particular coffee.

We produce beautiful, freshly roasted coffee with an unmatched attention to detail. Each batch is carefully selected and then profiled, tweaked and cupped rigorously before being made available to you.

Our blend is deliberately built with the end-user in mind, with each component roasted to highlight particular attributes. Our single origin coffees are roasted for espresso or filter to display complexity, vibrancy and clarity.

the mission

At GR we want to contribute to making peoples' lives better.

We have a mission to help communities by contributing to schools, local social projects, and helping the homeless. 

Every 1kg bag of coffee purchased we donate 50 pence to the mission's fund.


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